5 May 2023

Eugenia Calvo (Year 12): Lab Attachment Experience Sharing



On the 19th of April, I had the opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong University School of Biomedical Sciences Lab Attachment organised by FRAMEWORKS. I believed the attachment was both informative and thought-provoking, allowing me to learn not only about experimental techniques used in biomedical research but also what working in a laboratory is like day-to-day, and HKU’s values in conducting research. For example, the two main researchers who led the experience, Dr Kathryn Cheah and Dr Keith Kai Hung Leung, taught us about transgenic mouse technology in-depth, and how they utilised this technology to study the development of skeletal disorders and unfold potential therapeutic approaches. Overall, the experience helped me better understand what committing to a career in the biomedical field involves.

Written by Eugenia Calvo (12P1)