5 Jun 2024

ESF HKU Med Day – June 2024


On 1st June, a group of 37 aspiring STC medics from Years 10 to 12 joined the ESF HKU Med Day.

Through the event, our students gained a lot more understanding of the various programmes offered by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). They were also informed about potential career paths lying ahead upon completion of the programmes.

It was a great experience for our students to interact with our Class of 2022 alumni Ivan Lam, Marjovie Liu, and Meryl Lam, as well as Class of 2023 alumni Hayley Kwan and Kadence Wong, at the event.

Participating students have shared their experiences with the programme:

The ESF HKU Med day was an incredibly eye-opening experience for me to gain valuable insights into the different aspects of getting into med school. It has allowed me to better visualise a path for my future and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the medical field.
Nicole Mak (10D1)

The ESF HKU Med Day was really helpful and informative. I got to know more about HKU medicine students’ school life and the healthcare industry.
Ava Yu (11P1)

The event was engaging, offering us a valuable chance to connect with ESF alumni who are now studying at HKUMed. We also got a thrilling chance to try out AR headsets and see how technology is integrated into medical education!
Asta Lai (12X2)