19 Dec 2022

ESF Chairman’s Award 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

With the ESF Chairman’s Award Ceremony cancelled earlier this year, it is fitting that we celebrate the achievements of those students. I would like to share with you below the names of our students from the Graduation Class of 2022 who received the prestigious ESF Chairman’s Award.

I know from conversations with students and their families that being recognised for their exceptional performance is something they really appreciate and value. These students worked consistently hard for many years and have inspired, and have been inspired, by those students who have gone before them.

To be awarded the ESF Chairman’s Award students need to score 42 points or above. Due to the very prestigious nature of an IB Bilingual Diploma, the ESF Chairman’s Award is awarded to students with 40 points or above. Each school also nominates students for a range of additional awards as you will see below.

A huge congratulations from the Sha Tin College community to all our ESF Chairman’s Award recipients. Well done!

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin