31 Mar 2020

Equipment for Art Lessons

Dear Year 7, 8, 9 Parents and Guardians,

We have been very happy with the students commitment to their Art lessons during this challenging term. The attendance at online lessons has been excellent and the evidence of the work produced to date has been generally very strong.

It is clear, however, that some students do not have decent paper to draw on (as they left their Art Journals in school over the Lunar New Year holiday) and others do not have access to even the most basic of equipment.

If we were able to get back to school after the Easter vacation, this would no longer be an issue, however, in the event that online learning would continue next term, we have to ask that you could ensure that your Son / Daughter could have the following equipment at home, all of which could be sourced at a local stationery shop:

  • One 2B pencil / eraser / a pencil sharpener
  • A set of colour pencils / a fine line pen / Zebra pen
  • An A4 or F4 sketchbook (many students have been drawing on scraps of paper, which is not ideal).

We would be grateful if you could top up the students equipment set if any of the above is missing or is in need of replenishment.


John Doherty                          Kate Turbett                         Paul Thompson
Head of Art                               Teacher of Art                        Teacher of Art