27 Jun 2018

Digital Use survey

Dear parents and guardians,
Following the survey we conducted about attitudes to technology and digital device management in our parent community, we wanted to share the data we collected. We believe that parents having access to this data, and knowing how other parents approach device management, is the best way to address some of the challenges that the proliferation of technology poses, so we hope this data is empowering in that way.
We have also added some tips and re-iterated guidance that Sha Tin College shares periodically in connection with particular questions in the survey. Additionally, we have included some summaries and links to further reading on various themes picked up in the survey, like gaming, screen-time, and monitoring.
Finally, the student Digital Leaders have been working hard preparing presentations that we will be inviting the parent community to in Term 1 next year. These address the themes I refer to above. We will communicate the date for this event via email early in the new academic year.
We hope you will find both the survey results and tips helpful, but please do contact us if you would like further guidance, information or support at any time
The summary document can be found here.
Yours sincerely,
Crispian Farrow
Learning Technology Facilitator