24 Feb 2021

Daily Schedule March 1st – March 12th

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

Please find below the daily schedule for March 1st – March 12th.

1) As you can see we will have 1/3 of our students on campus. All other year levels will have online lessons.

2) Years 10 – 13 students will finish lessons at 1.30 pm. Years 7-9 students will finish lessons at 12.30 pm and will have period 5 online, except for Wednesdays.

3) Middle School (Y7-9) and Senior School (Y10-13) groups are scheduled together to accommodate our buses. On one day each week when Middle and Senior School students are on campus together, buses will depart as normal for lessons finishing at 12.30 but there will be a shuttle bus available for users whose lessons finish at 1.30.

4) As you can see I have prioritised the needs of our Years 11 and 13 students.  Given the challenge presented by the last eighteen months and the fact that external Cambridge IGCSE and IB DP/CP exams are going ahead, these two year levels at the moment require additional time and support to ensure they are well prepared and ready to face the challenges of external exams.

5) In order to maximise capacity I devised an AM/PM schedule that would have enabled additional groups to be in school. The AM/PM schedule was dependent on a two and a half hour break from 10.20am – 12.50 for travel.  I took survey feedback from Years 11 and 13 students earlier this week with 76% and 90% respectively preferring the schedule in place currently. There was understandably significant concern about the disruptive nature of the lengthy break mid-morning.

6) While no one student or year group is ever more important than another, there are times as parents/guardians and as teachers when the needs of one child or one year group of children need to take priority. In that spirit, and acknowledging the clear and broadly unanimous student voice, I feel the schedule above best meets the needs of our student body at the moment. I hope our Sha Tin College family will recognise this and support this direction for the coming weeks.

7) In addition to two year groups on campus daily we have some additional capacity to request individual students in other year levels to be on campus for a variety of reasons. Heads of Year/Section will be in touch with those families as needed to make the necessary arrangements.

Moving forward, I remain hopeful that the opportunity to have more students on campus is not too far away.  As always I will keep you informed and up-to-date with developments.

Kind regards.

Carol Larkin