28 Apr 2023

Class of 2022 Sharing – Lia Kim (Royal Veterinary College (RVC), the UK)


What is your name?
Lia Kim

Where are you studying?
Royal Veterinary College, University of London in the UK

What is your major?
Veterinary Medicine

How do you describe your University?
As the first established veterinary school in the English-speaking world, Royal Veterinary College has long held the title of a top-ranked university for veterinary medicine. The sole focus of the specialist institution is to improve animal health and welfare, offering uniquely specialized research and education to the student body and veterinary community at large.

What is the happiest experience in your first year?
Royal Veterinary College is a specialist institution that exclusively focuses on animal studies, hence the relatively small student population in comparison to other universities that offer a plethora of courses. Whilst this may sound undesirable to some, my happiest experience in the first year was in fact having endless opportunities to connect with students from diverse backgrounds across all years. Not only was I able to develop meaningful relationships with fellow first-year students, but I also made friends from other years who played a major role in helping me adjust to university with ease.

What is your top tip/advice that you will give to Sha Tin College students on their Higher Education?

Due to the admission requirements for certain courses requiring students to undertake specific subjects for the IB, it is crucial for students to ponder upon what they wish to pursue earlier on. Although it is absolutely normal to not have a clear sense of direction just yet, it is helpful to merely give it some thought and carefully choose IB subjects based on certain university courses that they may be interested in.