24 Feb 2022

Class of 2021 Sharing – Rochelle WONG


My name is Rochelle and I’m in my first year at University of British Columbia (UBC), hoping to major in either Psychology or English.

My best experience at UBC so far has been being able to be more in charge of my own learning: I’m able to choose my own courses, which means I genuinely enjoy all my classes, and getting to make my own timetable means I have total freedom in deciding when I want to be in class and when I want to have down time.

However, a challenge I faced was in the more independent as well as less structured style of learning environment. It threw me off to not have precise syllabus points to base my notes on, and for each class’s exam style to differ depending on the professor. But I’m glad it’s allowed me to focus less on exam technique and more on actual learning.

A piece of advice I’d give for choosing universities is that while you might consider their rankings, the suitability of a course to you is equally as important, because that’s what determines how well you’ll learn and how much you’ll enjoy it.