24 Feb 2022

Class of 2021 Sharing – Arushi GHOSH


Hi! My name is Arushi and I am a prospective Economics major at Wellesley College.

As you might expect, transitioning from high school to university comes with many challenges, especially during these extremely uncertain times. I would say the hardest part is having to start from scratch. The sudden loss of your safety net, such as your family and friends, and a general sense of unfamiliarity can feel quite jarring. What I’ve learnt is to trust the process because it does take time to find where you fit in in a community of people from so many different backgrounds and upbringings. However, I am very fortunate that all my classes have been in person due to our very small class sizes which has really helped with meeting new people and forming connections.

It’s hard to choose one experience that has been the greatest for me at university. The Wellesley traditions have made me feel a deep sense of belonging. Before applying, I remember reading about all the different traditions like sledding down one of the iconic hills or jumping in the lake, so it was really cool to experience those myself.

The hardest part for me has been being so far from my family and going such a long time without seeing them due to Hong Kong’s stringent COVID rules. However, the amazing community at Wellesley has become like a second family to me and I am so grateful for all they’ve done to help me through these times. Sometimes the workload and course difficulty can feel like a lot to handle but my advice would be to reach out for help. Go to your professor’s office hours, talk to the TAs, and create study groups, because if you are struggling with something, chances are many other people are too.

My advice to those currently applying for university would be to do very in-depth research and to start early. Make sure you do research on things outside of academics too such as extracurriculars, student life, location, etc. because it is very important that the school is a good fit for you. Attend as many information sessions as you can and if possible, talk to someone who is studying there. Applying to university may seem very daunting but once you start studying at the place you worked so hard to get into, you’ll realise that it was all worth it.