22 Jun 2020

Class of 2020: Graduation Ceremony

Saturday 20th June was a beautiful day and the sun was streaming through the windows of the main Hall, shining on the Graduating Class of 2020. Owing to social distancing regulations, this year we had to hold four separate Graduation Ceremonies. The students arrived in their House groups looking well-rested, smiling, and very grown-up! 

There was a range of outstanding musical and dance performances and poignant speeches from Ms. Larkin, Ms. Paciello and the student representatives George Su and Tiffany Chu for each ceremony. Each student received a graduation certificate and book prizes were awarded for each subject. Throughout the day, thousands of photographs were taken and every ceremony ended with the traditional, celebratory tossing of caps into the air!

There was a lovely atmosphere the whole day and it was a real pleasure to see the Year 13s again.

Congratulations to the Graduation Class of 2020!

Ms. Parry and Ms. Paciello