20 Jan 2020

Class of 2019: An Update


Time flies! Our Class of 2019 have already finished the first term at their respective universities. 

Just before Christmas, alumni Sammi Lam and Sherry Wang returned to Sha Tin College to talk to our students about their new lives as students at the University of Cambridge and gave tips with regards to preparing university applications.

Other graduates from the Class of 2019 are equally eager to give us an update and to share their application and university experience with our current students. We really appreciate their generosity and are grateful for their time! Take a look at what they’ve shared with us.

Carol Lin, University of Toronto


Transitioning into university has been one of the most exciting times of my life as it gave me an opportunity to become more independent.



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Cheriol Leung – King’s College London

A major piece of advice I will give to STC high school students about their applications is that during your interviews or in the personal statement, show your passion towards your subject by highlighting important concepts of your course (such as teamwork or leadership) and relating them to your extra-curricular activities.


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Crystal Ma, University of Edinburgh

It is okay to panic, to be lost and confused about your future, to be frustrated and etc. I have been through that, but everything will fall into place miraculously if you put in at least some effort.

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Dominic Chan, McGill University


Going into university, I took on a positive, open-minded, and determined mindset, where I tried new activities, joined new clubs, and even explored the city.


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Hitoe Nakamura, University of the Arts London (Central St. Martins)

Studying in an Art and Design-based institution I have the opportunity to direct my own projects and outcomes with my own creative freedom, allowing me to not only flourish as a student but a designer.


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Hitomi Nakamura, EHL

A year ago I was completely lost and was struggling with my university degree choices. I learned to not be afraid to pursue an unconventional degree and to follow your interest, it is better to have experienced it yourself than to think back.

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Jonathan Zein, University of Pennsylvania


I like being surrounded by very talented and like-minded individuals, and everyone has something interesting to say: I’ve heard many interesting stories, cool ideas, and everyone is very ambitious!


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Jonathan Tam, University of Leeds

The main challenge for me was the fact that there was no longer anyone challenging me besides myself; self-discipline is a skill you will need to quickly learn, or else you’ll be bathing in shame and regret for not doing things earlier.


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Joshua Ye, Brandeis University

I like my university’s environment where everyone is welcoming and helpful to each other, and how the small, intimate setting creates close relationships within the community.


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Katrina Fenton, Durham University

University differs from high school in that your secondary education will have equipped you with very textbook, cookie-cutter-esque learnt responses for subjects that will not necessarily translate into your higher education. At university, you have to learn to think outside of the box and be more original in your work.

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Marcus Tam, New York University

Some advice I’d like to share is to make sure you do your applications early, you need as much time to think about where you want to go and what you want to study because you’ll be spending the next 3-4 years of your life there.

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Michelle Chen, University of British Columbia

To high school students, start planning early and talk to your parents about what you want to do! Thinking about this early gives you time to change plans in case other problems arise, and when writing applications your first draft will never be the best – editing over time and getting people to read your essays will really make it better.

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Phoenix Wang, University of Connecticut

In just a few months, I’ve met some of my closest friends as my neighbors and classmates. My professors have been helpful and easy to get in touch with through email. Even when I felt at my limits, these connections helped me pull together enough to get by.

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Rachel Tong, King’s College London

My favourite part of KCL is its culture of openness, where everyone is able to start interesting conversations with anyone around campus. People are generally really down-to-
earth and open to making new friends.


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Yoshikazu Tada, University of California, San Diego


Some of the challenges in transitioning from high school to university?
Lots more homework and having to wake up early. Dealing with expenses, sickness, and food by myself.


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