29 Dec 2016

Christian Action Shoebox Donation

Our students have once again taken part in a shoebox donation event for Christian Action, working together to produce a whopping 400 shoebox gifts for 100 refugee children in Hong Kong. Repeating last year’s success with this event, the students and teachers of Sha Tin College have once again worked hard to make sure these 100 children received gifts for Christmas.

With the Christmas mood in the air, students filled shoeboxes with small gifts and everyday items: socks, a water bottle, snacks, stationery, and toys; these presents help refugee children reach basic needs that would have otherwise been unmet. Parents of these children are unable to legally work in Hong Kong, and struggle to provide for the needs of their children – needs that we may take for granted.

Y8 students helping with the wrapping! Photo: Ms. Purves

“I think it is paramount that we help refugee children as we all live in the same society, and helping them will remind us of how fortunate we are,” reflected Bobo Chan of 11D1. “These children have lost their homes, a safe childhood, almost everything. How can one not sympathise?”

Christian Action is a charitable organisation based in Hong Kong, and has worked to assist those who are poor, marginalised, displaced, or abandoned regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, age, and religion since 1985. By providing holistic care, nurture, and training to those in need, Christian Action helps these disadvantaged people to be engaged in and embraced by their families and communities.

And what further steps can we take to help Christian Action? Aside from our shoebox creations, Sha Tin College has donated rice cookers and other essential items to refugees. “The charity relies on donations and the refugees rely on this charity in order to survive and try to build a better life for themselves”, explained Ms. Purves. “This term we are setting up a scheme where STC students help to teach the refugees important ICT skills.”

Here’s a short video to show the process of the shoebox deliveries:

Andrian Chan, 12D1