28 Aug 2018

Child Safe Guarding update

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I hope the start of the new school year has been a happy one for you and your children.  We have all been delighted to welcome the students.  Some of them are new, of course, whilst others are returning.
We wish them all a fulfilling and memorable year ahead.
The purpose of this letter is to share with you a brief update on some aspects of child safeguarding which are a priority for us and, of course, everyone across the Foundation.
There is a revised ‘ESF Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy attached to this letter.  This Policy is also located on our STC website.  Please note that additions to the Policy include the following-
  • An emphasis on the adherence to Hong Kong laws and guidance from the Social Welfare Department
  • The need for all visitors, guests, consultants, interns and parents to be aware of the Policy and child safeguarding.  There is a short booklet at Reception to help visitors with this.
  • The expectation that all staff will have regular child safeguarding training, with a focus on their responsibilities, our procedures and referral routes.
  • The expectation that all staff ensure there are concepts, issues and skills relevant to safeguarding (such as digital literacy, intelligent disobedience, relationships and sexuality education) built into their subject teaching so our safeguarding priorities are reinforced
N.B.: All staff must complete the ‘Annual ESF Child Protection Declaration’ and ‘ESF Staff Code of Conduct for Child Protection and the Safeguarding of Students
In addition, everyone employed at the College has been instructed to wear badges or lanyards which are clearly visible.  Visitors are issued badges before they enter the school.
Given our emphasis on child safeguarding, we have an important request.  This request is that you do not come to the school with the expectation of being able to speak or meet with any members of staff unless you have an appointment.  We are grateful for your understanding that an appointment enables us to plan and designate time for you.  Having prior knowledge of an appointment is also in the best interests of our students. Our Alumni are aware that appointments are required prior to visiting.
If you have any questions about an aspect of child safeguarding, you are most welcome to contact me (rowlandscm1@stconline.edu.hk) or Ms Jessica Loebig (loebij1@stconline.edu.hk), the STC Deputy Child Protection leader.  We will do our best to address your queries.
With thanks and warm wishes
Chris Rowlands
Vice Principal and Child Protection leader


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy