10 Dec 2019

CAS Week 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians and Students,

Following feedback from parents, students and teachers regarding CAS Week, our team at Sha Tin College are working very hard on unpicking exactly what this week means to us as a community and how we can continue to develop this opportunity to ensure that it is providing the very best learning experience for our students.

We have also been looking at the logistical side of this week, with everything from the placement of the week itself, release of the brochure, bookings, and all of the administration work behind the scenes, as we continue to strive to streamline for both parents and staff.

What we hope to achieve through this is a rebrand, with a realigned philosophy that enables this week to truly reflect the core values of our school.  To do this successfully will not be a quick procedure and subsequently we anticipate incremental changes over the next few years, as we build and strengthen the wonderful possibilities that this form of experiential learning can offer.

As you may be aware, we have previously released next years’ brochure at this point in the year, however in light of our commitment to review this week, we have amended the following in regards to the timeline for next year:

Brochure release: End of February. This planning break will hopefully enable greater opportunity for our staff to discuss, negotiate and plan proposals to be offered in our activities week.

Date of CAS Week: Mid-November. This will help to ensure cooler temperatures for local activities taking place outdoors and move away from potential clashes with Golden Week which can raise prices of overseas trips within the local region.

Next Steps: In January, I will look forward to inviting a group of students to work alongside our staff team to articulate what this week is all about and discuss how we can drive it even further forwards. Watch this space!

Kind regards,

Mrs Kate Rogers
Vice Principal