23 Jan 2024

Be Active: Do What You Can, Enjoy What You Do, Move Your Mood

New year, new you? Whether you mark the start of the year by the Gregorian or the lunar calendar, we are surrounded by messages of newness, hope and change during this season of the year. Some of us may fully embrace the habit of making resolutions, excited for an opportunity to put any disappointments aside and start again. Others may be daunted by the pressure to change or fear making promises they cannot keep. Whichever group you may be in, our brains are all wired similarly – to resist when pushed. Incremental change based on a genuine need is likely to be the most lasting. When thinking of how we can improve our wellbeing through physical activity, this is what is most likely to lead us to success. Below are three ways to improve wellbeing through small, meaningful changes – no miracles expected! 新年新氣象, 一個嶄新的你?無論您是按照公歷還是農歷來標記新一年的開始,我們都被新的、充滿希望的信息和各種改變所包圍。在這個季節,我們中的一些人可能完全接受制定新年決心的習慣,為有機會拋開任何失望重新開始而感到興奮。其他人可能會因為改變的壓力或害怕做出他們無法實現的承諾而感到畏懼。無論您屬於哪一類,我們的大腦都有着相似的結構 —當受到推動時會作出抵抗。出於真正需要而作出的漸進式變化可能是最持久的。當考慮如何通過身體活動來改善我們的健康狀況時,這很可能會帶領我們走向成功。以下是三種通過小而有意義的變化來改善健康狀況的方法——不需要奇跡!

1. Incorporate Physical Activity into Daily Routines 將身體活動融入日常生活:
As busy parents, finding time for physical activity can be challenging. However, by incorporating exercise into your daily routines, you can gradually increase your activity levels. Look for opportunities to be active throughout the day. For example, instead of taking the elevator, opt for the stairs whenever possible. Take short walks during your lunch break or after dinner with your family. These small changes may seem insignificant, but they can add up over time and contribute to your overall physical well-being. 作為忙碌的父母,找時間進行身體活動可能會很富挑戰。然而,通過將鍛煉融入您的日常生活規律,您可以逐漸增加您的活動水平。每天都尋找活動的機會。例如,盡可能選擇走樓梯而不是坐電梯。在午餐休息時間或晚餐后與家人一起短暫散步。這些小變化可能看似微不足道,但隨著時間的推移,累積起來會有益於您的整體身體健康。

2. Make Family Time Active 讓家庭時間充滿活力:
Spending quality time with your family is important, and it can also be an opportunity to be active together. Instead of relying solely on sedentary activities like watching TV or playing video games, plan outings and activities that involve movement. Take weekend hikes or bike rides as a family. Visit local parks or playgrounds where you can engage in physical activities like frisbee, soccer, or basketball. By making family time active, you not only improve your own physical health but also set a positive example for your children, instilling in them the value of an active lifestyle. 共渡高質的家庭時光至為重要, 這也是一個共創活力的好機會。不要僅僅依賴於看電視或玩電子游戲等久坐的活動,計劃一些帶運動的戶外活動。周末全家一起去遠足或騎自行車。參觀當地的公園或游樂場,或進行像扔飛盤、踢足球或打籃球等肢體活動。通過讓家庭時間變得充滿活力,您不僅可以改善自己的身體健康,還可以為您的孩子樹立一個積極的榜樣,並向他們灌輸一種充滿活力的積極生活觀。

3. Find Time for Yourself 找到屬於自己的時間:
While it’s essential to prioritise family activities, it’s equally important to find time for yourself to engage in physical activity. Schedule dedicated “me time” for exercise, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. This could involve waking up 15 minutes earlier to do some stretching or going for a jog during your lunch break. Hop off the bus or train a stop or two before your destination to get in a walk alone. By carving out time for yourself, you not only prioritise your physical well-being but also recharge and rejuvenate, which can ultimately benefit your overall mental health. 雖然優先考慮家庭活動很重要,但騰出專屬自己的時間, 讓身體活動起來同樣重要。安排專門的“屬於我的時間”進行鍛煉,即使每天只有幾分鐘也不要錯過。這可能包括早起15分鐘做一些伸展運動或在午餐休息時去慢跑。在巴士或火車到站前一兩站早些下車,獨自走路。通過為自己騰出時間,您不僅優先考慮了自己的身心健康,還可以充電和恢復活力,最終有益您身心的整體健康。

“Be active” doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes overnight. Small, meaningful steps can have a significant impact on your well-being over time. By incorporating physical activity into your daily routines, making family time active, and finding time for yourself, you can gradually enhance your physical health and set a positive example for your children. 保持活躍”並不意味著您必須一夜之間做出巨大的改變。小而有意義的步履會隨著時間對您的健康狀況產生重大而正面的影響。通過將身體活動融入日常生活規律、讓家庭時間變得積極、找到屬於自己的時間,您可以逐漸增強自己的身體健康,並為您的孩子樹立一個積極的榜樣。