28 Feb 2019

Author Visits in February

Holly Thompson

On the 11th February we were delighted to host author Holly Thompson at Sha Tin College. Originally from New England in the USA, she is currently a longtime resident of Japan, where she teaches creative writing at Yokohama City University. Holly’s books include verse novels: Falling into the Dragon’s Mouth, The Language Inside, Orchards, and novel Ash. Her stories often relates to themes around Japan and Asia. As well as fiction, she writes poetry and non-fiction books for children, teens and adults. Holly spoke to Year 7, 8 & 9 students, during the presentation students worked in pairs to create their own poetry, producing many great pieces of spontaneous poetry, some of which was shared with the audience. While at STC she also worked with a class of Year 11 students, helping them explore and develop their own creative writing skills.


Nashua Gallagher

To help us celebrate World Mother Language Day, it was our pleasure to host writer, poet and co-founder of Peel Street Poetry, Nashua Gallagher at STC. During her presentations, she recited poetry from her newly published collection of poems, All the Words a Stage, bringing to life her Asian background and her life in Hong Kong from love to marriage and into parenthood. Her poem, Mother Tongue, set the tone for the day.


Ms Hansen