12 Apr 2016

Arrangement for Year 11 Leaving

Dear Parents of Year 11,

As the final day for Year 11 approaches there are a few details I wanted to draw your attention to.Thursday 21st April will be an opportunity for celebration and reflection on the last few years as students prepare for the next phase in their school lives.

Students should arrive in school as usual on Thursday 21st and go to Tutor Time.  Period 1 will be a normal lesson. At the beginning of period 2, all students should come to the SSC for a ‘Coffee Morning’ where there will be hot drinks provided. This will be an opportunity to chat informally with classmates, tutors and some Year 11 teachers.  Following this, students will then go to the Hall for a final assembly. This is a more formal celebration of achievements throughout their time at Sha Tin College.

This final assembly will finish around 12.00pm.  At this time students will be free to leave school to get ready for the Ball. We look forward to seeing them at Mira Hotel later in the evening.  Year 11 students are not expected to be in school on Friday 22nd April although they are welcome to come in to revise if they wish.

From the 25th April to the 6th May students are welcome back on site to study. Quiet study rooms will be provided for the times when students are in school. These are for silent study only and students who wish to chat or have a break should go to the Cafeteria. They must be mindful that the rest of the school is working so they cannot disrupt classes. They should not go to the Library where there may be lessons in progress and should not play on the basketball courts as this disrupts nearby classes. To further support student study during this time staff will be in their classrooms during the timeslot in which they would teach the class should students need further assistance.

If students have any clean uniforms in good condition that they no longer need, these should be delivered to the Middle School Office.  They will be passed to the PTA.

As the exams approach, we hope that students are focussing on revision and exam preparation. Students are welcome to come into school during study leave and speak to any of the Year 11 Team in the Middle School Office. Subject teachers are available too, and we recommend contacting them to arrange a meeting to ensure that they are available.

Best regards,

Greg Thornton,      Sian May                 Carlos Ortega
Vice Principal,       Senior Leader        Head of Year 11