14 Sep 2018

ANGST screening acknowledges anxiety to students’ acclaim

With EE and IA deadlines around the corner, the ANGST screening was hosted in the new school hall on September 11th to raise awareness of the stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts that may impact students throughout the school year. The screening reminded students that despite the difficulties that they might encounter, they always have the support of their teachers, fellow classmates, and student support staff.

The ANGST documentary followed the experiences of select teenagers suffering from stress and anxiety, exploring their symptoms and how they defied the odds to overcome their mental illnesses. The teachers hoped that the screening would make students feel more comfortable with talking about their anxiety with peers and staff. Aiming to promote awareness, the screening discussed ways of coping with anxiety; such techniques included tapping your fingers and adjusting your vision from a close to far range frequently as a distraction from your anxiety. The use of fidget spinners, which remains a controversial tool amongst educators, as well diary-keeping, were also offered as solutions. In addition, the film explored the prospect of neuroplasticity and how forming new neural connections can help individuals cope with anxiety.

Jason Lo (11D1) praised the screening to be ‘extremely thought provoking,’ while others found it inspiring. The discussion sessions, which were led by form tutors, following the screening brought up important ideas and reinforced concepts from the documentary. However, some students found the 62-slide powerpoint (provided by the film producers) designed to accompany such discussions to be excessive and unnecessary; feedback pertaining to this issue has been referred to the relevant organizers.

The school took this opportunity to reiterate that counselling services, as well as support from student leaders, are available to students upon request. If nothing else, the screening gave all students the hope that that no matter the difficulties today, tomorrow will be better.

By Solomon Lam (11D1), Jin Jin Tang (12G2), and Isabella Young (12D1)
Copy Edited by Martha Chow (13X1)

Image from https://angstmovie.com/