27 Jun 2023

An Exciting Transition Day For New Year 7 Students

On June 2nd, the halls of Sha Tin College were filled with jubilant chatter and laughter as Year 6 students from Sha Tin Junior School and other primary schools across Hong Kong stepped into the campus, eager to experience a day as a student. Transition Day is a pivotal opportunity for the Year 6 students who will be joining STC next year. It is an essential part of preparing them for success in secondary school, as it introduces them to their new learning environment and allows them to become familiar with the school campus, their teachers, and their future classmates.

Students had the opportunity to attend a number of MYP classes, from experimenting with bunsen burners in Science to decorating cookies in Food Design, to carving with clay in Visual Art. This experience gave them a small taste of the subjects that Sha Tin College has to offer. The Year 6 students were also paired with the Year 8 student leaders, who mentored and guided them for the day. One of the student leaders, Kate Chiu (8D2), described her duties on the day: “We took SJS, ESF, and non-ESF students around the school, showed them around, and played with them.”

The student response to Transition Day was overwhelmingly positive. Charlie Tan, a current Year 6 student at SJS, initially thought he would get lost or “wouldn’t belong here because there [are] so many other bigger students”, but ultimately “found everybody incredibly welcoming” and “had lots of fun”. He concluded by saying: “[I’m] very excited to be coming to STC!”. Another SJS student, Jordan Zhang, noted that they “liked it a lot and it was fun to meet new people”. His favorite part of the day was Physical Education, and he was looking forward to activities like lunch break at STC. While some students felt uncertain about leaving friends from primary school, their interactions with new peers and teachers gave them confidence in their ability to adapt to secondary school, leaving them with anticipation and enthusiasm.

To conclude, Transition Day was a resounding success this year. Not only was it an important day for the incoming Year 7s, but for the entire school. For the Year 6s, it provided a valuable glimpse into life at Sha Tin College, helped ease anxieties about the transition from primary to secondary school, and sparked excitement for the possibilities yet to come. For the school, it was an excellent opportunity to showcase its facilities and welcome its newest and youngest members into the community.

We look forward to welcoming the Year 6s back in August as new students, and we wish them all the best as they prepare to begin this next chapter of their academic journey at Sha Tin College!

Written by: Darren Lee and Shannon Tan
Edited by: Hannah Wong