29 Nov 2023

Advances in Paediatrics Conference 2023


From November 25th to 26th, three of our students had the opportunity to attend the annual Advances in Paediatrics Conference at Prince of Wales Hospital.

These three students, Adrian Au Yeung (Year 13), Asta Lai (Year 12), and Alco Chan (Year 11), gained insights into Paediatric Cardiology and Kawasaki Disease during this fruitful experience.

Adrian Au Yeung (Year 13)
The Advances in Paediatrics Conference 2023 was an insightful and enlightening experience which deepened my understanding of the medical profession. The diverse range of presentations covered a variety of advancements in technology and treatments for specific diseases in paediatrics. Although it was difficult to comprehend the lectures tailored towards distinguished medical professionals, the opportunity to witness the thought-provoking discussions between doctors further enhanced my appreciation for this esteemed career. I particularly enjoyed the ’round-table discussion’ where doctors were presented with ambiguous scenarios and had to justify their prognosis of the case. This segment showcased various essential qualities of a doctor, such as the intricate process of using problem-solving and critical thinking to construct the most appropriate course of treatment for the patient, which was one of the most valuable takeaways from this conference.

Asta Lai (Year 12)
The Advances in Paediatrics conference was an enlightening experience and deepened my interest and passion for pursuing medicine. Throughout the two days, I interacted with professors, STC alumni, and medical students, learning about medical school and life following clinical years. The presenters’ presentations were really interesting, allowing me to delve deeper into themes such as epilepsy, SMA, and POCUS. I am glad for the opportunity to engage in “continuous learning” in the medical field, and I look forward to more wonderful experiences like this one!

Alco Chan (Year 11)
In November, I participated in the Advancements in Paediatrics 2023 conference, featuring themes of cardiology and neurology. I found this to be an enlightening experience where I learned about innovative technologies and treatments developed to improve the detection and treatment of patients with rare conditions. Additionally, the keynote speakers’ enthusiasm in explaining these advances inspired me with their dedication and brilliance in finding solutions for younger patients with rare conditions, reminding us of the human aspect and the need for interdisciplinary care and research. Reflecting on the conference, the key takeaway for me was the importance of ongoing education and knowledge sharing within the community in order to collaborate and share various findings and research, for example, the thought-provoking discussions between the keynote speakers during the conference. Finally, attending the medical conference was a valuable experience that broadened my understanding of healthcare and medical topics, and I hope to participate in similar events in the future.