17 Nov 2016

Anansi School Production

Dear Parents and Students

We are very pleased to announce the latest whole school production by the Sha Tin College Arts /PE Faculty Anansi by Alistair Campbell.

As always in College productions, there is a large cast of actors, musicians, singers, and dancers as well as a stage and technical crew of students, with teaching staff supporting the production both on stage and behind the scenes.

The Anansi Stories were first told in Ghana by the Ashanti people. They were not written down but recounted from generation to generation. Gradually the stories spread across Ghana and then all around West Africa.  Anansi is a folktale character who often takes the shape of a spider but he is depicted in many different ways. Whichever form he takes he is cunning and tricky and uses his guile to try to get what he wants.  The folk tales of Anansi crossed the Atlantic through the people who were taken from their homes as captives of the slave trade.

Whilst our production gives you an insight into the horrors of the slave trade, Anansi is also full of vibrant characters and music.  Using lively djembe drumming and atmospheric balafon the cast will take you through a number of Anansi tales.

Anansi is coming to Sha Tin College on the 7th, 8th, 9th of December at 7pm in the drama studios on the sixth floor.  Tickets can be purchased at $80 per adult and $50 per student.  If you would like to buy tickets, then please fill in the attached slip below and return it to the White House during break time (10.50am – 11.15am) and lunchtime (12.20pm – 1.10pm).  Payment is by school Octopus only.

If you have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we look forward to seeing you at Anansi very soon!

Yours faithfully
Jane Parry                                        Neil Harris                                      Noah Nicholson
Senior Leader                                   Head of Drama                              Head of Music

Please return to the White House

Student name _____________________________________Tutor Group_________________

Performance dates – 7th, 8th, 9th  December (please circle preferred date)

Number of Adult tickets ___________ at $80 each.

Number of student tickets _________ at $50 each.

Total cost _________________

Signed __________________________________________ Date _____________________

Payment by school Octopus only