3 Feb 2016

Helping Our Elders

The festive atmosphere of anticipation for the Chinese New Year celebrations in Sha Tin College is enriched every year by the meaningful Service Trip to Sin Tin Tao Home for the Elderly. Last week’s visit proved to be an interesting experience for both students and seniors alike.

Bearing a variety of presents, ranging from daily toiletries to delicious snacks, the 60-student group were definitely well received by the delighted elderly women. Accompanied by Ms. Tsim, Mr . Chiu, Ms. Ryan, and Ms. Brooks, the service reps managed to fill six tables with gifts ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday.

After unpacking the gifts, the students moved to different rooms to converse and socialise with more elders, many of whom were confined to wheelchairs and could not move of their own accord. Nevertheless, many of the elders were very interactive.

“I really enjoyed talking to one of the elderly women who was especially playful and even recited poems,” said Sinead Creagh 12D2, one of the service reps at the trip. The students also sang in order to engage the elders and create a more lively mood, in the spirit of welcoming the new year.


Service reps speak to one of the residents at the home. Photo: Heather Chui

“This event always reminds me how the spirit of giving and celebration can really make a difference,” said Flora Chan of 12X2, who had already attended this trip in previous years. Moreover, she added that it was an “extremely worthwhile” experience for all the students themselves, as they were not only able to experience the living situations of these elderly women, but also how they could help make a difference to their lives.

While short, the trip was nonetheless extremely beneficial to our students and created many enjoyable memories. The donations, gifts, and our company was definitely appreciated by our friends at the Sin Tin Tao Elderly Home.

Angela Fu 12X2