12 Jan 2016

‘My FRIENDS Youth’ programme

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Dear Parents and Guardians

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that all the Year 7 Global Thinking Skills (GTS) classes have just begun work on the ‘My FRIENDS Youth’ programme.  This will be our focus until approximately the end of Term Two.

‘FRIENDS’ is an acronym for:

F = Feelings

R = Remember to Relax

I = Inner Helpful Thoughts

E = Explore Solutions and Step Plans

N = Now reward yourself

D = Do it every day!

S = Stay strong inside

The programme is a series of social and emotional skills programmes developed by child psychologist Dr. Paula Barrett, in Queensland, Australia. The particular programme we deliver at the College is called My FRIENDS Youth which is developmentally sensitive and specifically designed for this age group.

All the FRIENDS programmes are recognised by the World Health Organisation and are proven to be effective and positive.  They have been validated internationally across many countries and cultures. The My FRIENDS Youth curriculum is designed for specific student needs like: study skills; how to deal with peers; dealing with bullying; internet safety; altruism and giving back to the community; learning to compromise; learning to plan ahead; seeing alternative point s of views and demonstrating empathy.

This is the third consecutive year we have delivered the programme to all Year 7 students and feedback has been extremely positive.

Warm wishes

Christine Rowlands

Vice Principal
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