1 Nov 2017

2017 Swimming Gala

Marking the first major event of the new school year, the 2017 annual Swimming Gala took place at the Ma On Shan Swimming Pool on the 21st of September. Beaming students from across all seven years participated in yet another successful house competition, featuring new and determined Year 7’s.

A flurry of unrelenting cheering from all four houses brought the morning of competitive swimming to life. Drumming bands from Griffin highlighted the spirit of the occasion, and each house performed a cheer-leading choreography, backed up by their encouraging and supportive house crowd. The alternative houses brought forward other creative and innovative cheering devices, including shakers made from recycled water bottles filled with rice or beans.

Phoenix cheerleaders passionately cheering for their house


The enthusiasm of the supporting crowd was revered by many, including the Head of Senior School, Mrs Parry. “This was my 20th swimming gala,” she stated, “but it’s the first one where it rained! I also think it was one of the hottest I have ever experienced, however that did not stop the STC students from singing, dancing, drumming and chanting for four hours!” As a consequence of the weather, both spectators and competitors were left extremely wet. “Probably the best swimming gala held so far!” stated Jong Hak Park of 13G1, “I am definitely looking forward to next year’s gala!”

Following many broken records, the school tradition of Year 13’s jumping in the pool together finalized the competition, and was followed swiftly by the overall results: Phoenix finished in first place, followed by Dragon, Griffin and Pegasus. Rossetti Lam, a Phoenix student leader, expressed her emotions following their success. “I am overjoyed at this result – everyone put 110% energy into cheering and competing, and the effort of all the swimmers paid off in the end.”

Regardless of the results, the sporting spirit remained strong throughout all four houses. “The atmosphere was amazing!” Ms Parry says, reflecting on the event, “The students who swam did a brilliant job on the day, but also in the heats. The Swimming Gala is one of my favourite days of the year- not only because of the amount of house and school spirit shown, but also because it is such a great start to all the house events for the rest of the year.” In the gala and heats combined, STC students took part in 180 swimming events; an impressively successful competition both inside and outside of Sha Tin College.


Daniel Rothwell, 13D1