17 May 2016

1:1 laptop programme ordering process for incoming Year 7 parents: 2016


Dear Parents of New Year 7 Students,

Congratulations on your child being offered a place at Sha Tin College, starting August 2016.  I am writing to keep you updated about the school’s 1:1 laptop programme that all children joining Year 7 will be included in.  Every student will be expected to purchase the school’s chosen model of laptop and therefore be part of the single model programme that we operate in Years 7-9.  We have found over the last five years that using a school-supported single model offers considerable advantages to the students, at a reduced cost for parents.

The school tenders for a new model to get the latest technology each year and that process is currently underway.  A digital brochure providing full details of the package will be emailed to you in the coming months, once tendering is complete.  All laptop ordering will be included in the start of year registration process and is a non-negotiable part of enrolment at Sha Tin College.  The order form will be included in the ‘Start of Year’ enrolment pack which you will receive in the post in June.  Please complete this form along with the other documents therein. Students will hand in all forms and a single cheque covering all the start of year costs during the enrolment procedure at the beginning of term in August.

The purchased laptops will then be distributed to parents at a series of laptop evenings later in the first term, which will cover some of the school procedures and recommended practices for managing them.  Out of the box, the laptop will have all the software that students need installed and they will be able to log onto our network immediately.

The key thing to note at this point, is not to purchase a new laptop for your child.  All ordering will be handled at the start of the academic year, without exception.  The school will not allow students to bring their own device as an alternative machine.

For further details of the programme, our rationale, or links to some useful sites regarding digital education in the 21st Century please see our 1:1 website.

Yours sincerely,


Crispian Farrow

Learning Technologies Facilitator