23 Apr 2018

1:1 Laptop Programme for Parents of Students Starting Year 10, August 2018

1:1 Laptop Programme for Parents of Students Starting Year 10, August 2018
Dear Parents,
After approaching three years of your child participating in the school laptop programme, the warranty and accidental damage protection on their current school-supported device will expire in the first term of Year 10.  As students enter Year 10, they are free to continue using their current device, if it is working adequately, and we will do what we can to support this.  Alternatively, you may either purchase a laptop of your choice privately, that meets the minimum specifications detailed below, or you may take advantage of the latest school-supported laptop model, which is the HP EliteBook 830 G5 Notebook PC.  Further details of this laptop package can be found on the school’s 1:1 website, which is linked from the school website.  The order form for this model is also enclosed, should you wish to take up this option. Please return the order form and payment by May 14th to the school. The payment needs to be a cheque made out to Sha Tin College, with the student’s name and tutor group on the back of the cheque.
The advantages of purchasing the school supported model are:
  • Ability to log on to the network to access large files, printers and backup drives
  • Onsite repairs, maintenance and technical help
  • 3 year accidental damage insurance (no cost to repair accidental damage)
  • Knowledge that the model is a good combination of price, power, weight and features
However, any laptop that meets the minimum specifications below is permitted.

All laptops, minimum requirements:

  • Must run on battery for the duration of the school day
  • Can open and edit Microsoft Office documents
  • Can connect to our wireless network. (i.e. has wireless b/g or n capabilities)
  • Allows students to install software and drivers (e.g. for USB attached equipment)
  • The laptop, bag and accessories are clearly named/labeled and serial numbers recorded
In addition, we recommend:
  • A machine that is less than three years old
  • A good resolution screen, 1024×768 or higher
  • A robust and lightweight device
  • Accidental damage protection cover or similar insurance
Please note that all software MUST be genuine, licensed and legal.
For further details of the programme, our rationale, or links to some useful sites on digital practice in the 21st Century, please see our 1:1 website which can be found via the school website.
Yours sincerely,
Crispian Farrow (Learning Technologies Facilitator)
(current Y9)