Student Council

The Student Council is an organization which allows communication from the student body to the school, offering students the ability to voice their opinions and take part in improving Sha Tin College as a whole. Council members serve for two years, beginning their first year as part of the Apprentice Cabinet. This structure allows new members to familiarize themselves with the daily operations of the Council, such as meeting times and respective responsibilities, and be ready to succeed the General Cabinet the following year.

There are a total of twelve people within the Student Council. Each Cabinet consists of five roles, which are undertaken by six people: the Chair, two Vice-Chairs, the Secretary, the Chief of Communications and the Treasurer. These positions are chosen through democratic student elections – candidates undergo an application process, ending with an overall vote from the student body. The Student Council is also assisted by other members of the student body, notably representatives of the PTSA and the newly formed Media Team.

General Cabinet

Apprentice Cabinet


Spirit Week

The Student Council has hosted Sha Tin College’s first ever Spirit Week! We proposed this project to lift school spirits, especially during times like the pandemic. In 2021, we chose to host it during the final week of Term 1 to end the year with high spirits. Each day followed a different theme, we had Matching Monday, Tourist Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Festive Friday. This came equipped with a photobooth and various props handmade from all the members of the Student Council. We collaborated with the Media Team’s photographers to get stunning photos of the students dressed up and posted them to our official Instagram account. Check them out at @stc.studentcouncil on Instagram!

Microwaves and Hot Water Dispensers

In Term 2, The Student Council put forward a proposal for microwaves and hot water dispensers to be implemented into the new cafeteria remodeling. As cold, stale food is a concern of many students who bring lunch to school, we think this proposal would greatly enhance the quality of their day-to-day school experience, and  ultimately keep students warmer during winter months.  After the acquisition of a $5000 Student Council budget within this term, we believe that this proposal would not only be beneficial to students, but also an economically viable investment for Sha Tin College.  


In the past, our school has overlooked the importance of subscriptions. However, a recent survey that the Student Council has conducted found that only 10.5% of the student body are fully satisfied with the subscriptions that the school provides. To facilitate these needs, the Student Council has proposed the purchase of subscriptions, to facilitate productive learning, boost study, and improve workload management and quality produced. Students will be able to sign up annually for the subscriptions through a google form sent to your inboxes. This will be managed by the White House Staff to note down all students who wish to sign up, and will be notified once accessible. 

As this project will be coming into action soon, remember to keep a lookout in your emails!

Increasing Transparency 

For the purpose of increasing transparency and helping the student body in as many ways as we can, the Student Council has taken great initiative to make the student voice more heard. Our first act of increasing transparency is through utilizing the @stc.studentcouncil Instagram account to post updates on upcoming events, future projects, and our fellow students participating in events. We’ve also decided to publish termly STUCON newsletters to reach a wider audience within the school. In the newsletters, it contains information about school news, events, and introduces future initiatives. 2021’s Term 1 newsletter can be found at STUCON Newsletter – December 2021. Furthermore, we have sent out a school-wide survey asking students what they want to change within the school. This acts as guidance for our upcoming projects to support our student body. 


To increase the efficiency of our council and bring more projects that benefit students to reality – we proposed and obtained an annual student council budget. The Student Council now has a yearly budget which would allow us ease of access to funding when we are proposing and implementing projects to improve student learning and student life. This annual budget will greatly increase our efficiency and streamline our process when submitting proposals. Please look forward to our future projects!