Student Council

The Student Council is an organization which allows communication from the student body to the school, offering students the ability to voice their opinions and take part in improving Sha Tin College as a whole. Council members serve for two years, beginning their first year as part of the Apprentice Cabinet. This structure allows new members to familiarize themselves with the daily operations of the Council, such as meeting times and respective responsibilities, and be ready to succeed the General Cabinet the following year.

There are a total of twelve people within the Student Council. Each Cabinet consists of five roles, which are undertaken by six people: the Chair, two Vice-Chairs, the Secretary, the Chief of Communications and the Treasurer. These positions are chosen through democratic student elections – candidates undergo an application process, ending with an overall vote from the student body. The Student Council is also assisted by other members of the student body, notably representatives of the PTSA and the newly formed Media Team.

General Cabinet

Apprentice Cabinet


Student Learning Feedback System
The SLFS subcommittee’s overall aim is to create a non-critical system, similar to ones already in place at other ESF Schools, which gives students a formal platform to have a say in the STC learning process and provides a resource for teachers to make learning more rewarding for all. Its primary goal at the moment is to finalise the mechanisms of such a system so it is suitable for our school, produce a document to summarise our proposal, then pitch it to the Senior Leadership Team. After receiving approval from the SLT, it will then proceed to run a pilot programme to trial the system, identify further issues, make necessary adjustments, and implement it across the school. This system should be in place for Student use by mid-2018.

Student Cards
Student cards are essential as it gives students a sense of identity, not only with the school, but also within the society. It allows students to benefit from discounts and student-exclusive offers in shops and cinemas, which will ultimately result in vast savings. Unfortunately, the current student cards that are currently issued in our school is simply a flimsy sheet of paper, with information tucked within a plastic pocket. The simplistic design of the student cards has been proven to not be viable, as many shops and organisations tend to question the legitimacy of the cards, and in Hong Kong’s world renowned humid weather, these paper cards have the tendency to permanently attach itself to the plastic cover, which makes the information on the card have also been rendered illegible. As a result, the Student Council felt the urgency to improve the student cards to avoid such events from ever happening again, we have decided to implement PVC cards for the next school year, and by implementing these new cards for our Sha Tin College Student Cards, we can ensure a certain degree of durability and a significant improvement of the legitimacy of the student card.

Student Internship Programme
The SIP subcommittee wishes to establish a connection between middle, senior school students to parties outside of Sha Tin College (parents and alumni in particular) to increase job experience opportunities crucial for student’s interpersonal development and future ventures. The Council feels that it is often difficult for students to source such internships alone, and by forming this bridge to the outside world, the SIP subcommittee can improve our school’s ability to prepare students for their future. As of now, the subcommittee has communicated with Mr Campbell and the Higher Education department to discuss how this can be achieved. 

Wi-Fi Improvements
The Student Council has been working hard to upgrade student facilities and to ensure students get the best experience in Shatin as possible. Thus, in collaboration with many teaching staff and school bodies, the Student Council is happy to announce that our Wi-Fi systems have been upgraded in March to ensure better quality internet browsing for all students and staff!