Student Council

General Cabinet

The Student Council is an organisation which allows communication from the student body to the school, offering students the ability to voice their opinions and take part in improving Sha Tin College as a whole. Council members serve for two years, beginning their first year as part of the Apprentice Cabinet. This structure allows new members to familiarize themselves with the daily operations of the Council, such as meeting times and respective responsibilities, and be ready to succeed the General Cabinet the following year.

There are a total of thirteen students in the Student Council. Each Cabinet consists of five roles, which are undertaken by five to six students: the Chair, one or two Vice-Chairs, the Secretary, the Chief of Communications and the Treasurer. These positions are chosen through democratic student elections – candidates undergo an application process, ending with an overall vote from the student body. The Student Council is also assisted by other members of the student body, notably representatives of the PTSA and the newly formed Media Team.

Ray Sun – General Chairperson

As the Chairperson of the Student Council, I effectively lead a highly-qualified team dedicated to enhancing the student experience at STC. My extensive experience in a multitude of leadership roles in the community provides me with valuable perspectives on student voice. Apart from my work in the Student Council, I am a representative for the ESF Student Council and the STC School Council, the founder of STC’s First Aid Club, the Public Relations Officer of STC’s Medical Society, and a former Y11 Student Leader.

With aspirations to study medicine in the future, I endeavour to maximise my academic opportunities at STC. Aside from academia, I am honoured to hold an array of school records on the athletics team. During my free time, I strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle by encapsulating daily school memories as a photographer for the Media Team and jam music as the drummer of my band, “Ray-Ban”.

I am proud to chair and oversee a student-led syndicate that embarks on a long-term mission to solidify STC as a premier academic institution that caters for students across all years.

Steven Ke – General Secretary

I am an extremely passionate individual who has been contributing to the STC community ever since I joined. I have been a Year 11 Student Leader and a Griffin House Student Leader. In addition, my interest in mathematics has led me to competing in competitions such as AMC12 and AIME. I’ve extended my passion for mathematics to found the STC Junior Mathematics Olympiad club, while also holding a record in the 4×100 relay team at STC.

As an effective communicator and listener, I act as the important backbone for the Student Council, regularly taking the role of central organiser. Over the past year I have demonstrated a strong commitment in supporting my peers by ensuring relevant data and meeting minutes are stored and brought up efficiently.

As a Year 12 Student, I am determined to achieve academic excellence while working to make STC a diverse and enjoyable community where students can learn to achieve their full potential without any worry.

Christie Lam – General Chief of Communications

As the Chief of Communications for the Student Council, I love exploring how various means of communication can potentially enrich student life. I am a curious individual and I strive to approach life with an inquisitive attitude.

I am also actively involved in various other commitments within the school community. I serve as one of the Editors-in-Chief of the VOiCE literary magazine, one of the Editors-in-Chief of Sha Tin College’s Media Team, and a member of the media and editorial team of United Magazine, which has allowed me to become highly skilled in written and verbal forms of expression. I enjoy contributing to the local community, as seen through my involvement in tutoring local primary school students and directing a pen pal program that connects local primary students with Sha Tin College students.

As an IB student, I hope to continue finding success academically while growing as a person.

Emma Paryani – General Vice Chair

As the Vice Chair of the Student Council, I am a compassionate and friendly member of the Shatin College community. Having been a student here since Year 7, I am highly aware of the school’s values, which allows me to effectively notice the issues that need to be changed and lead feasible projects that strive to create an optimal school environment for STC students.

Aside from being Vice Chair, I lead the crochet and knitting club where all the knitted goods made are personally donated to less fortunate children who are unable to purchase toys themselves. I am also musically gifted, having passed the Diploma exam and won numerous international awards for the violin. Back at school, I was given the title of Young Musician of the Year 2022 for her impressive performance.

As an IB student, I am persistent and goal-driven, relentless in pursuit of academic excellence in order to secure a place at medical school. Being a member of the HKU Academy for the Talented, I was able to join several exclusive scholarly programs, including a medical summer course. I am eager to give my best in my work with the Student Council.

Bob Wong – General Treasurer

In my role as the treasurer of the Student Council, I am a dedicated and diligent student who is honoured to serve and represent the student body through the intelligent use of funds in the process of improving quality of life at Sha Tin College.

I am a driven individual who partakes in many school activities and extracurriculars. As a scout patrol leader and an active member of the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education, I have developed a firm understanding of the importance of money and planning, and regularly use these skills for the betterment of the Student Council and the school.

As an IGCSE student, I aim to maximise the efficiency of the student council budget while achieving a good balance of self-attainment academically. I am excited to bring new ideas to the table to kick off a golden age for students at Sha Tin College.

Joshua Liu – Apprentice Chair

As the Apprentice Chairperson of the Student Council, I am eager to see what will be accomplished in the next two years.

My naturally altruistic personality has played a large role in my decision to join the Student Council. As a school member,I am a Year 10-11 Student Leader, I proudly lead the swim team to major competitions such as HKSSF, and I also serve as the current Chair of the STC Sports Council. Outside of school, I teach dance and coach swimming. In my free time, I work on personal projects such as launching a website about mentality and well-being in hopes to inspire and guide others to become the best version of themselves.

Currently, I am on the endgame of finishing my IGCSE’s with just about 2 months until I have study leave. With my indefatigable work ethics and mentality, I look forward to bringing optimistic results for what the student body have been requesting for a long time.

Samantha Law – Apprentice Vice Chair

As a student who has been part of the STC community since Year 7, I have had the honour to witness STC continuously grow and evolve through the diligence of previous cabinets. As Vice Chairperson, I aim to contribute to our school community by improving the status quo and promoting student voice within STC. Additionally, striking a balance between student’s academic rigour and well-being.

On a personal level, I like to describe myself as a passionate and proactive individual – someone who’s willing to step out of their comfort zone. In addition to that, I’ve always had a strong passion for writing and advocacy, motivating me to participate in a plethora of extra-curricular activities and hold positions in several external organisations. It has allowed me to gain experience in leadership, writing and volunteering. These include serving as a Junior Liaison Officer in STCMUN’s Delegation, a writer and editor for the school’s United Magazine, a tutor for underprivileged students, as well as a current Year 10-11 Student Leader.

Currently, I’m on the verge of completing my IGCSEs. By being an organised and meticulous student, I endeavour to strike a balance between my academic life and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, I hope to see the Council’s upcoming projects come into fruition.

Royden So – Apprentice Vice Chair

As the Vice Chairperson of the Student Council, I would say that I am an affable, driven, and active member devoted to making a difference at Sha Tin College.

Heretofore, I have engaged in a wide range of extracurriculars and leadership roles. I have also been a volunteer at many community-based initiatives. Additionally, I am a current Year 11 student leader and the Head of Design for the school’s media team. Through my dedication, I aspire to improve the lives of those around me and to nurture positivity in our community.

As a current Year 11 student taking the IGCSE programme, I am preparing for my last hurrah: the finals. I understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to problem-solving and am willing to put in the hard work needed to make a difference. By demonstrating a strong commitment to helping others, I hope to be an invaluable asset to the team.

Hannah Wong – Apprentice Chief of Communications

As the Apprentice Chief of Communications of the Student Council, I am hard-working and hope to be heartwarming too. With a strong passion for illustration and design, I am able to provide valuable contributions and unique perspectives to the council. Having multiple experiences in the field of communications, such as being the Head Journalist for the Media Team; designer and typesetter for the school’s United Magazine, I strive to produce high-quality work that allows streamlined communication between students and the council.

Currently, I am in my last few months of IGCSE and plan to balance the workload between extracurriculars and exams. With the desire to study law in the future, I aspire to steadily improve my presentation skills. With my main goal being the improvement of the student body’s satisfaction through communication, I will work hard to maximise transparency and audience engagement here at Sha Tin College.

Zelene Wong – Apprentice Secretary

As the Apprentice Secretary of the Student Council, I am not only dedicated, but also determined. In addition to contributing to the Student Council, I am committed to multiple extra-curricular activities, such as playing tennis and the piano, which demonstrates my strengths of organisation and time-management. I strive to produce the highest quality of work. Furthermore, as a writer for United Magazine, I am able to showcase the creative side of myself through my written works.

As a busy IGCSE student, I hope to reflect her organisation skills into the Council itself, ensuring that it has a secure backbone to help projects go as smoothly as possible. I am keen to use my analytical skills to provide clear and concise minutes. With the goal of studying journalism in the future, I aim to present projects in an engaging manner to the students. I hope to utilise my qualities to provide a fresh perspective to the Council.

Isaac Law – Apprentice Treasurer

As the Apprentice Treasurer of the Student Council, I aim to maximise the benefit for students.

My enthusiasm for mathematics and science allows me to scrutinise our budget and present cost-effective proposals. Having multiple experiences in the realm of finance, such as an internship in SingAlliance and publishing a book “Personal Finance – An Introduction for Students and Young adults”, I endeavour to use these appraisal and accounting skills to benefit the Council. As a writer for United Magazine, I can effectively communicate my ideas with other members of the student body and the external community.

With upcoming final exams, I understand that time management is crucial, as “time is money”. I am striving to achieve an equilibrium between school work and extracurriculars, namely piano, swimming and taekwondo. I aspire to study medicine in the future and aim to benefit more students by improving their experiences at Sha Tin College.

Asta Lai – Apprentice Special Advisor

As the Apprentice Special Advisor, I am dedicated and hardworking regarding my academics and other school teams and activities. I have developed a wide range of leadership and communication skills by being a Y10 and 11 Student Leader and the Head of Photography and Videography of the Media Team. In addition, I participate in many volunteering activities organised inside and outside school and am part of the Hong Kong Joint School Volunteering Association.

As a member of the Student Council, I aim to enhance the learning environment at Sha Tin College and improve the organisation and workload distribution within the council. I want to do things differently, hoping for different and more efficacious outcomes. With my determination for success in life (personal achievements and being able to help others in the community), I strive to do my best and make the most out of every opportunity.

Clara Chan – Apprentice Special Advisor

Admittedly, I’m not very good at dancing. But lucky for me, the Student Council doesn’t require much dancing —just juggling.

As an attempt to embrace my goal-driven nature, I [tried to] plié through the monotony of life and grasp as much as I can, as soon as I can.

But of course, that comes with the no-so-easy feat of throwing my academics and extra-curriculars up in the air —and then catching them yet again. And as a result of this, I am pleased to announce that my management skills have steadily improved.

In all honesty, it had never occurred to me that extracurriculars were regarded as important. Now I’m proud to say that I had my share of them. Acting in annual school productions will always be memorable, but I can’t neglect the feeling of having my work published in last year’s VOiCE magazine. I guess it’s safe to say that I will now cherish my contributions to the Student Council for years to come.


Spirit Week

With the stairs and corridors packed with many wearing and humorous outfits, Spirit Week has been a blast and the perfect opportunity for students to relax in preparation of the holidays. Having different themes for each day of the week, the Council is impressed with the abundance of creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated. Inclusivity and individuality is strongly encouraged here at Sha Tin College, so with the appearance of Spirit Week once again, students are able to express their own interpretations of the themes! Collaborating with the Media Team’s photographers, the Council was able to capture wonderful moments during the week.

Middle School Representatives:

With the apprentice cabinet elections completed, the Council is excited to announce the upcoming Middle School Representative elections. Aimed at younger students that are passionate about the school and change, being a part of the Council will grant them the opportunity to be their year’s megaphone, and to gain valuable experiences and insight towards teamwork and communication. With a process similar to the previous elections, the Council is excited to see the progress and improvements presented by potential candidates.

Microwaves and Hot Water Dispensers

In Term 2, The Student Council put forward a proposal for microwaves and hot water dispensers to be implemented into the new cafeteria remodelling. As cold, stale food is a concern of many students who bring lunch to school, we think this proposal would greatly enhance the quality of their day-to-day school experience, and ultimately keep students warmer during winter months.  After the acquisition of a $5000 Student Council budget within this term, we believe that this proposal would not only be beneficial to students, but also an economically viable investment for Sha Tin College.

ESF Student Council

ESF Student Council is a forum where representatives from ESF secondary schools can exchange the common grounds and differences between each school to then set common targets to enhance student experiences at ESF. With remarkable individuals with fantastic ideas in the ESF community, we aim to use this Council as a platform to collate student ideas and bring them forward to ESF management. All of your voices play a huge role in making this happen. The Student Council aspires to build a connected community that strengthens our current bonds and reinforces your values.

The Council plays an essential, threefold role within the organisation. One, to relay feedback; two, to host regular discussions with stakeholders within the ESF community; and three, decision-making, on passion projects that we aim to work on. For STC, we can send three members within the Student Council to attend the ESF Student Council meetings, with two positions taken up by the Chairs and the other position on a rotational basis.

Pads and Tampons

Commonly, there has been a stigmatised experience for women’s health and awareness, particularly in school scenarios—many girls in STC have expressed how awkward and embarrassing it can feel to have to walk to the nurse’s room and ask her for pads in the midst of an emergency. However, there is a growing movement across the world for the free provision of pads and tampons in schools, and STC will soon become one of the first schools in Hong Kong to join this movement.

After weeks of liaising and collaborating with Ms. Larkin and various other staff members of STC, the Student Council will be implementing permanent pad and tampon dispensers within the female toilets across the school. Pads and tampons will be placed in dispensers in the female toilets on the ground floor, second floor, and third floor and can be accessed by students whenever needed. We sincerely hope that this initiative will improve the school experience of many students.

Urinal Dividers

The urinal dividers have been a popular topic of discussion among the male students at STC. Historically, there has been a suboptimal experience in the male bathrooms especially during breaks when there is heightened demand for the toilets. This has led to an overcrowding problem, which can cause great embarrassment as well as awkwardness. However, the implementation of the urinal dividers offers a solution to these challenges: this project would allow for comfort levels to be increased. Additionally, it will reduce splashes and therefore create a more hygienic environment in the toilet for everyone to use.

We have implemented the urinal dividers inside every bathroom on each floor. We hope that this provides better privacy and comfort for male students.