12 Feb 2019

Sha Tin College’s New Nurse

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Recently we appointed a new nurse at Sha Tin College. Her name is Evie Tsao and there is some brief biographical information and a photograph below. Evie is an experienced, highly qualified nurse with a warm, enthusiastic manner. She is friendly, intelligent and particularly interested in holistic health.

Our nurse’s clinic on the Ground Floor is very busy with approximately 35 students visiting there each day for a range of issues. All of us take advice from Evie on a raft of health related matters and trust her to liaise with parents, the Guidance and Achievement Team, the SLT and the wider College community. She also confers with nurses in other ESF and international schools in Hong Kong, in addition to the Hong Kong Department of Health.

I hope you have a chance to meet Evie soon.

Warm wishes,

Christine Rowlands

Vice Principal

Evie Tsao

I’m an UK-Registered Nurse with 14 years nursing experiences. My past experiences include neonatal and paediatric intensive care, neurological and neurosurgical, childhood mental health, and learning and physical disabilities.

What I enjoy most is reading about health and wellbeing, which I do on a daily basis. The knowledge empowers me to make informed choices and allows me to promote healthy lifestyles to those around me. I am a discipline individual and I follow a set of routine daily. This aids me to stay positive and happy in my life.

I believe that anyone and everyone could be healthy if they have the knowledge to make health conscious choices. The key is to consistently abide by the six doctors in our daily life: water, nutrition, exercise, air, sunshine and rest.

I hope to share what I have learned to the students and to build a foundation of health at their early stages of development.