6 Aug 2018

Senior School Booklist 2018-2019

Dear Year 11 Parents,

Year 12 students are expected to purchase textbooks to support their learning in the IB programmes. A list of required textbooks is enclosed for all subjects in the link below. We highly recommend that the books are purchased or ordered at least 4 weeks before the August 2018 term starts. Note that for some subjects the books will only be available through the school during registration week. The school has no contractual arrangements with any one book vendor and those mentioned below are for your reference only;
 ■ Any book shop in Hong Kong
†  The booklist is also available on the Pansing Distribution HK/Times Publishing (HK) Limited and Yorke Education websites.
Please note that the School is not responsible for these purchases. Please take up any issues with the book vendors directly. Please check price, availability and title before placing your order.
Yours faithfully
Greg Thornton
Vice Principal