Octopus and MTR Concessionary Fares


All students must have a personalized Octopus card. This is used for confirming attendance every day and for maintaining records of attendance. It is essential for reasons of health and safety. Students must swipe IN and OUT of school at whatever time they arrive or leave. If a student leaves school for an activity during the day, or for any other reason, and then returns she/he needs to also swipe in and out.

There are at least seven card ‘readers’ in various locations around the school. These provide students with choices of exit and entry points.

Octopus cards can also be used for purchasing food and value added to them in the cafeteria. If students wish to check the balance in their Octopus card, they can use the reader located opposite the Cafe counter outside the General Office.

Any students who accidentally loses his/her Octopus card must report to Reception immediately. Students who have forgotten to bring Octopus cards to school and therefore cannot swipe in, must report to their Tutor or their Section Administrator. Appropriate sanctions are imposed by Heads of Year for those students who disregard the protocols regarding the use of Octopus.


MTR Concessionary Fares for Students

Each academic year, MTR continues to offer MTR concessionary fares to eligible full time day students over the age of 12 years, in any recognised institutions. If students have not yet activated or renewed the “Student Status” in their Personalised Octopus Card, they should obtain a MTR Student Travel Scheme Application Form (2018-19) from any MTR Customer Service Centre or at our school reception desk. Students need to fill in the form, check the details and hand it in so details can be verified against our school records by the office staff. It will then be officially chopped with the school stamp. This process may need to be done every academic year.

Please note that the MTR concessionary fare for “Student Status” is encoded on a Personalised Octopus Card and is valid for MTR travel only. Those with a Personalised Octopus Card who travel on non-MTR transportation with this card may be charged full adult fare.

For further details of application and the validity of the MTR “Student Status”, please click in the link below: