Bus Information

REMINDER: The PTSA School Bus Service will continue to run until Friday, 28th June 2019, after which the school bus services will be provided by Kong Shing Travel Ltd. The bus routes and reservation details can be found on the Kong Shing website. Please go to the ‘School Bus Reservation’ tab at the top of the home page to see details of the bus routes, costs and reservation procedures.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page for the answers to some frequently asked questions.

School Bus Information

PTSA Buses
A school bus service, organised by the PTSA, operates from the major catchment areas. Details and application forms are circulated to parents in June each year and are available from the website and from the school office after that date. The PTSA transport coordinator is Candy Cheng, at the PTSA office who can be contacted on 2607 9110.

Bus Fees and Routes 2018-19

PTSA school bus application form 2018/19 - 1st half term

The school bus service is operated by the PTSA and it is therefore necessary to be a current member of the PTSA – the annual membership fee is $500 per family as shown on the Bus Application Form. Please read the instructions and rules relating to the bus services carefully.

Whilst the bus service generally operates very smoothly, inevitable, there are instances due to weather and other circumstances beyond our control, which may lead to delays and/or the non-appearance of the school bus. Please refer to the emergency procedures which are set out on this page. In case of emergencies, such as traffic accidents or incidents the bus drivers will contact the Police and the Bus Company, but there may be occasions which arise when this is not possible, and the attached guidelines will hopefully be of assistance should this happen.

Sha Tin College PTSA Bus Service Rules
Routes :One way journeys are not permitted nor will applications for different routes in the morning and afternoon be permitted unless under special circumstances and specifically agreed beforehand with the PTSA Co-ordinator. Bus users are not allowed to transfer buses unless under special circumstances and with prior approval from the PTSA Co-ordinator. The bus service is not door-to-door and the routes/stops have been chosen to ensure the safety of students and to accommodate the most students possible. These routes/stops can only be varied in exceptional cases, with the prior agreement of the PTSA Co-ordinator and the Bus Company. Bus places are subject to availability and cannot in any event exceed the legal maximum for the bus.

Payment :TWICE (i.e. six months each time) for the school year,in advance.

Passes And Surcharge : Passes will be issued TWICE a year. They are valid for one route only, not transferable and must have the student’s photo affixed. If bus pass is lost, a replacement Bus Pass must be obtained immediately by providing the PTSA Co-ordinator with one photo and $20. Bus pass will be checked regularly.

Behaviour : Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner whilst on the buses. No foods and drinks are allowed to be consumed in the bus. Students should be seated at all times. Personal belongings must be placed under the seats so as not to obstruct the aisle. Any unruly behaviour will be subject to discipline and may result in the student being banned from using school transport either temporarily or permanently. In such cases fees are not refundable and neither the school nor the PTSA is under any obligation to provide an alternative means of transport. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children whilst they are using the school bus and are liable for any damage to a bus caused by their children.

Emergency Procedure In Case Of Accidents

Bus Break Down

Remain on bus under the supervision of bus prefects and wait for a replacement bus to pick you up.

If The Bus Doesn’t Arrive

Wait until 10 minutes after listed picked up time for a replacement bus then contact the Bus Company or the PTSA Office.

Accidents : ( The Bus Driver, if able, or senior student will organise the following)

Stay Calm and remain at the scene in a safe location.

Follow the recommended emergency procedure below : –

  • Contact the POLICE

Give exact location of bus – street/road/area and remain on the scene until the police arrive. The police should ask if ambulance/fire service is required and organize it.

  • Contact the BUS COMPANY

Give the PTSA Bus Route No.

Give the exact location of the bus – street/road/area.

They will advise whether a bus will come to pick you up or what you should do. If there is still a problem, contact the SCHOOL.

POLICE : 999
BUS COMPANY – CITY BUS Customer Service: 2136 2433
SCHOOL : 2699 1811
PTSA OFFICE: 2607 9110


Please inform the PTSA Co-ordinator at the above number.

PARENTS : Please ensure your child is aware of the above procedures and has these phone numbers in their School Diary .