Environmental Council

The Environmental Council is a student organization that raises awareness and tackles the environmental issues in our school. This year, it is led by co-Presidents Bianca Cheung and Diane Mak. For the past several years, the council has been proactive in dealing with environmental problems.
As a core part of the ESF Environmental Forum, the council discusses many issues and strives to aid other international schools in their environmental activities. We represent Sha Tin College there, and work to enact ESF wide policies created together with other students at the Forum.
We will be implementing energy saving strategies with the use of the energy monitoring system, ‘En-trak’, in order to comply and prepare for the newly proposed Gaia Award. This competition was created in collaboration with all ESF secondary schools, where each school will be allocated carbon credits, which is modelled after the Kyoto Protocol. Furthermore, our school’s long term goal is to adopt and care for an endangered habitat in Hong Kong to enhance biodiversity. We have also pledged to eliminate plastic bottles in our school by the end of the 2016/17 Fall Term. 
The Council also works closely with the houses and Heads of EAG in competitions such as EAG logo competition, Christmas Corridor and Green Week to raise awareness and instil stewardship qualities in students. We have also worked with the school’s business manager, Ms Law, in the delegation of choosing an appropriate solar panel company which our school will employ hopefully in the near future. Other Council projects include reforestation of Lantau Island in collaboration with NGO Ark Eden, raising funds and awareness for Masarang Foundation, reused plastic bottle bowling and recycled stool competitions during Green Week, and leadership programmes with The Nature Conservancy. We continue to strive for a better environment in our community and we are extremely proud and thankful for the support of Mr Chiu, Ms Brooks and Mr Thornton. 
“As co-chair of the Environmental Council, I am fortunate to lead and work beside the passionate students who act to create a sustainable environment for all of us. I am thoroughly amazed by the commitment and dedication of our members that demonstrate this through our initiatives and projects.”
Bianca Cheung 12G1, Co-Chair 
“Through my role in the Council, I met with many people who are enthusiastic, hard-working and passionate about the environment. I was overwhelmed by the involvement of students and houses, which brings me joy and hope that our school community is environmentally conscious and responsible.” 
Diane Mak 12D1, Co-Chair
(From left to right: Jacqueline Pan, Ho Nga Choi, Clement O’Young, Diane Mak, Bianca Cheung, Sofia Lee, Evelyn Chan, Marcus Wong, Daniel Taylor, Harry Yu)