Student Leaders

At Sha Tin College, Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take on the prestigious role of a Student Leader; Student Leaders are both role models and a student support system for younger members of their house. All go through a rigorous application process and mandatory training to ensure that they are capable of leading their houses.

A variety of different Student Leader roles exist: two Head of Houses, two Deputies, eight Heads of CASE (two for each), and six for Support and Guidance.

Student Leaders work in conjunction with teaching staff to encourage students to take part in house activities, fostering a sense of teamwork and competition in their daily school life.

Dragon (Left to Right):

Back: James Young, Andrian Chan, Qino Truscott, Lucas Rothwell, Laurel Lee, Daniel Rothwell, Dominic Chow, Alvin Wong

Front: Alice Fan, Rosie Wilson, Letizia Wan, Nicole Lee, Julia Rudd, Cheryl Wong, Krystal Yip, Pinky Lam, Hera Chung

Not in Photo: Aliya Khan

Griffin (Left to Right):

Back: Dione Hodges, Keeler Arrowsmith, Ruby Lau, Hazel Leung, Jennifer Yu, Serena Lung, Dominic Lau, Ken Kobayashi, Enpei Zhang

Middle: Hoi Ching Leung, Nicole Lee, Megan Lai, Kaja Chan

Front: Theo Hui, Steven Li, Sean Mitchell, Maja Chan, Matthew So

Pegasus (Right to Left):

Back: Justin Ng, Chun Cheung, Ryan Lam, Shogo Tajima, Sean Kwan, Adrian So, Ryan Lee, Walter Wan

Front: Katie Ngan Kee, Iris Tang, Charlotte Lo, Ching Hei Cheung, Nicole Leung, Jessica Eden, Kathy Zhou, Adrienne Lee

Phoenix (Left to Right):

Back: Owen Chong, Tommy Xiao, Chris Leung, Michael Kwan, Maleah Do Cao, Alyanna Payos, Elin Chan, John Ho, Jethro Chan, Andy Yau

Front: Emily Parry, Sami Wong, Rossetti Lam, Matilda Wut, Christy Kwok