Student Leaders

At Sha Tin College, Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take on the prestigious role of a Student Leader; Student Leaders are both role models and a student support system for younger members of their house. All go through a rigorous application process and mandatory training to ensure that they are capable of leading their houses.

A variety of different Student Leader roles exist: two Head of Houses, two Deputies, eight Heads of CASE (two for each), and six for Support and Guidance.

Student Leaders work in conjunction with teaching staff to encourage students to take part in house activities, fostering a sense of teamwork and competition in their daily school life.


Back: Jae Won Kim, Anson Miu, David Lee, Michelle Wong
Middle: Stephanie Holloway, Sandhiya Nanthakumara, Ashley Cheung, Yuan Wen Ooi, Rucia Cho, Kasia Cheng, Kathleen Arthur
Front: Brandon Han, Gil Steinberg Wiersch, Ivan Li, Marcus Lau, Isabella Ko, Samantha Harlow

griffin SLs01

Back: Iris Li, Thomas Duffy, Thomas Swift, Jason Tsoi, Martin Mak, Andrew Ng, Gavin Chung, Andre Pannu, Natalia Chan
Front: Angelique Wong, Betty Tsang, Heather Lau, Olivia Mui, Crystal Chan, Christie Tsang, Yinnie Wong, Fion Lee


Back: Leo Chia, George Wong, Hegel Chan, Jason Yip, Jaybe Bae, Stephanie Ng, Dana Tsoi, Sun Ho Kim
Front: Miranda Garralda, Karen Wang, Heidy Choi, Divya Daryanani, Rachel Tse, Ashley Man, Laura Lau, Anita Carroll, Shimali De Silva


Left to right: Gerald Poon, Joe Heaton, Kelvin Chan, Natasha Siu, Andrea Li, Yee Lok Lau, Kelly Yu, Lisa Cooley, Emma Chong, Genevieve Lam, Jeremy Ma, Nick Liu, Olivia Drave, Sean Lau, Lin Lin Feng, Vivian Chung, Chor Chee Fu

Year 9 Student Leaders:
The new role of the Year 9 student leaders is to welcome Year 7 students to the school and assist with their successful transition. Our first newly elected Year 9 student leaders are pictured below:

From left: Charmaine Yuen, Sanjali Ahuja, Samantha Tang, Zanna Buckland, Dana Chan, Charmaine Tin, Kyris Lam and Hafsa Kabeer (not pictured).
From left: Viola Cuthbertson, Christy Lam, Vicky Tsang, Jason Lam, Raf Han, Ellen Thomas, Sameen Hussain and Ka Wing Cheung.