HE / Careers

As students progress through Sha Tin College, making decisions about examination courses, higher
education paths and future careers, their exposure to and involvement with the Careers/Higher
Education Counsellors increases. Students are invited to various meetings where Higher Education
and Career Paths are introduced and discussed. Additionally, as part of the school’s GTS programme,
students receive exposure to and support with decision-making regarding their futures. There are
Higher Education resources and research materials in the Careers Centre along with other materials
related to various careers. There are also various tools/software packages for helping students
consider suitable career options that match their personal interests and preferences.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to hear from and meet many guest speakers from
universities world-wide who visit throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to get a taste of
different careers through work experience and other activities which take them outside school and
into the ‘real world’. The emphasis of our Careers and Higher Education guidance programme is
firmly focused on helping each student to make the right decisions for his/her future.