Missing PE Bag

    If any one has seen a yellow Underamour bag used for PE. It went missing from 232 yesterday, the PE clothes have been taken out of the bag and left seperately. Contact Ms Brooks or Piers Middleton

    Ms Morag BROOKS

  • lost bag

    Lost bag from a Year 8 student in Pegasus after Glee yesterday in room 111. If found, please return it to Mr ...

    Lewis in the Lower School Office. Inside the school bag, there are books of different subjects, a lion pencil case, a blue spraying water bottle and the earphone (red). The bag is pink and black and with brand name of Under Armour. There are a set of uniform and a pair of black shoes (Dr Kong).

    Mr James LEWIS

  • General

    Topping up Octopus card for Explorer Purchase

    Dear Students, Due to limits on Octopus value adding facilities in school, students are kindly asked to top up your student Octopus cards outside of school before queuing up to buy the Explorer. Many thanks for your attention and cooperation. (message from White House)    

    Ms Jane YAO

  • General

    Please make sure you take home all your personal possessions by Friday. All the rooms will be cleaned ...

    over summer. You cannot expect to return to school and find your belongings in your locker or in your current tutor room.  Please also take responsibility for​ cleaning your tutor room, and the general vicinity around it. This will show your respect for both the cleaning staff, and the school. With thanks CMR

    Ms Tasha LAU

  • 20 Twenty Cricket

    If you want to play some cricket

    Come up to the Sports Hall on Wednesday at 12.20 pm.. 

    Mr Andy SERVICE


    Climbing group

    No climbing this Friday. Have a great holiday!


  • General

    Eco-Activity Student leader - There are leadership opportunities at Ark Eden over the summer holidays. If you ...

    are interested in be coming a leader please contact Mr Chiu. Dates are July 3rd - August 11th

    Mr Mike CHIU

  • Year 8 Assembly

    TUESDAY- June 27th, 2017- Drama Studio (Rm 343) 8:15am

    Dear Y8 Students, Year 8 Assembly is holding in the Drama Studio (Room 343) this Tuesday, 27th June during tutor time. Please put all your bags in your tutor room and go straight to the Drama Studio on 4/F. Assembly will start at 8:15am, so don’t be late! Thank you.

    Mrs Lia ALI

  • Lost Properties

    Come to Reception ON OR BEFORE 30th June to claim your lost properties

    If you believe you have lost your personal belongings, please come to Reception ON OR BEFORE 30th June (Friday) Lost and found will be cleared over the Summer Break. All unclaimed items will be removed.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    Ms Tasha LAU