• Lost Wallet

    Tiffany Chan 11P2 has lost her wallet. It is light blue and pink inside. It contains her ID card. If found ...

    please return to room 311 or a member of staff.

    Ms Mary PACIELLO

  • CAS Week Ski Trip

    Rooming meeting - all must attend Wednesday 20th at 12:45 Room 203. Thanks Ms C

    Ms Jutka CZIROK

  • ESF Swimming Gala

    Swimming Gala Meeting

    Please come to a meeting at 12.30 on Wednesday in the Sports Hall. Check the link below and email Matilda if you have any questions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11BUlPC842Kp2rKNoeV_do2suenqnpFfB8ELm297LrI4/edit#gid=0

    Mr Tony WEBSTER

  • Y7 Assembly Friday

    in 343 at 8.15. Please be on time and bring a pen!

    Ms Lucie PURVES

  • MUN

    CISS MUN conference applications

    If you would like to be considered for a place at the Concordia International Secondary School Model United Nations conference in January 2018 then please read the information below and follow the sign up link. It is important that you run this by your parents and have their approval before you sign up, they must be aware of the dates of the conference and also the associated costs. Dates: Friday the 18th January 2018 to Sunday the 21st January 2018 Cost: Approx 6500HKD (we can only provide an estimate as the final cost will depend on bookings and exchange rate, we hope to keep it below this figure). If you are still interested and have your parents blessings then please follow this link to sign up here. This form has to be completed by the 9th October at the latest.

    Mr Rhodri GEORGE

  • Student Cards Update

    The Student Council has received all the necessary student data and is currently in the process of printing ...

    the cards
    Students in Y7 and Y10 will receive a card. Y10 will students will hopefully receive their cards by the end of this week. Y7 after the Half Term break. If you are not in Y7 or Y10 and  (1) Do not have a student card or you
    (2) Joined STC midterm during the previous academic year  Please collect a lost/new student card form from the Whitehouse, fill it in, and indicate to Whitehouse staff that you have not received a student card upon arriving at Sha Tin College. The $50 fee will be waived in this case as all students are entitled to 2 free student cards throughout their time in STC, one in Y7 and one in Y10. If you have lost your card then you complete the same process as above but you will need to pay the $50 processing fee. Thank you! The Student Council.

    Ms Lucie PURVES

  • CAS Week: Pottery

    Pottery CAS Week -- Final Meeting

    We will be having our final meeting on Tuesday , September 19 at 10:50 in room 101. We will be dispensing the final itinerary and reviewing important details. Please be sure to attend. See you then!

    Ms Jessica LOEBIG

  • TEDx activity and

    Apologies - there is no TEDx activity this Tuesday. Newly appointed Y12 Student Planning Committee, please ...

    can we meet this Wednesday lunchtime in room 247

    Mr James LEWIS

  • LOST

    Swimming equipment

    Yesterday fourth period, after swimming gala heats someone must have taken by mistake a Phoenix cap, Phoenix trunks and a pair of white goggles left on the third floor. If found, please return to Anson Tong 12X1 in room 235 or Miss Paraschivescu in room 136. Thank you!


  • Year 9 Assembly

    Y9 Assembly In SSC - Tue, 19th Sep - 8:15am

    Dear Year 9 Students, Year 9 Assembly is holding in the Senior School Centre on Tuesday, 19th September during tutor time. Please put all your bags in your tutor room and go straight to SSC on 3/F. Assembly will start at 8.15am, so don’t be late! Thank you.

    Ms Jacqueline KWAN


    Pink Smiggle wallet lost - contains Octopus card & other valuables. Please return to Ms Tandy, 110 or Chloe Lo, 7G1

    Ms Lindsay TANDY

  • Sri Lanka CAS Week

    Compulsory CAS week Sri Lanka meeting Mon 18th Sep, 12:20 in room 156. All must attend. Thanks Ms. Griffiths

    Compulsory CAS week Sri Lanka meeting Mon 18th Sep, 12:20 in room 156. All must attend. Thanks Ms. Griffiths

    Ms Karen GRIFFITHS


    English poster competition (see link for details). Credits/commendations available. Deadline Wed 20 September.

    Ms Lindsay TANDY