Y7 Fit & Fun, Basketball court-8:15am 25th Apr (Wed)

    Dear Year 7 students, This week's Fit & Fun will start at 8:15am on Wed, 25th Apr as usual and please don't forget wearing your fit & fun T-shirt. Thank you !

    Ms Vivian LUO

  • Y10 Assembly

    Y10 Assembly in Drama Studio (Rm 343) – Thu, 26th Apr - 8:15am

    Dear Year 10 Students, Year 10 Assembly is holding in the Drama Studio (Room 343) this Thursday, 26th Apr during tutor time. Please put all your bags in your tutor room and go straight to the Drama Studio on 4/F. Assembly will start at 8:15am, so don’t be late! Thank you.

    Ms Jacqueline KWAN

  • Maths Fair

    Calling for "Rubic" cubes. If you have one please bring to the Maths fair and let's see who is fastest.

    Mr Martin ASTILL

  • CityNature Challenge

    City Nature Challenge Competition takes place this Friday. I would like to get an STC team. Island school are ...

    coming to join us at 3.30pm Friday. We'll be walking just up the hill to take pics of wildlife. Email Mr Chiu if you are interested.

    Mr Mike CHIU

  • Y9 Assembly

    Y9 Assembly In SSC – Wed, 25th Apr - 8:15am

    Dear Year 9 Students, Year 9 Assembly is holding in the Senior School Centre on Wednesday, 25th April during tutor time. Please put all your bags in your tutor room and go straight to SSC on 3/F. Assembly will start at 8.15am, so don’t be late! Thank you.

    Ms Jacqueline KWAN

  • Christian Action

    Please bring all donations to Room 321. Check Christian Action banner for more details.

    Dear all,  we are currently receiving donations to the HK Christian Action Refugee Campaign. Deadline for donating is the end of April.  Please bring your contributions of clothing, cosmetics, domestic appliances, ICT and stationary to The Middle School Office, Room 321 (opposite the library).  Thank you for your support.  The Middle School Team

    Mr Lee O'LEARY

  • SCMP Subcription

    Students who have subscribed to SCMP

    Students who have subscribed to South China Morning Post please come and collect your newspapers at Reception every school day. There should be eight of you. Unfortunately we do not have the name list. If you are one of the subscribers, please do so accordingly.    

    Ms Tasha LAU

  • CityNature Challenge

    What is City Nature Challenge? The City Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and ...

    document wildlife in cities across the globe. What to do? Find wildlife Take a snap Upload it via the iNaturalist app. Click on the banner for details

    Mr Mike CHIU